Why Is the Water Slowing Down, When I Installed a New Water Filter?

why is the water slowing down, when i installed a new water filter?

Depends on the filter. In someways the filter is only slowing the water down because it is working. By this I mean, the filter is realy holding off all that bacteria and what not making it go slower. So do not worry that much about it. In some other cases, the filter could be holding back all the water that makes it go fast (LOL).

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I have a brand new water heater and we still aren't getting much hot water...HELP!?

Both of the previous 2 answers are right & most likely the plumber has the water temp set low at 125 (more or less). If you are getting a lot of warm water all the time but it's not hot then all you need to do is increase the setting for the water temp on the heater. They use 125 because it's safer for children, anything higher is a risk of being burned by the hot water if kids do not use the cold too. A. Electric heater: 1. Be SURE to turn off the power to the heater at the breaker panel box. 2. Remove both of the small metal covers on the side of the heater (those covers are for servicing the heating elements and thermostats) 3. At the bottom of each thermostat you will see a small dial, using a small flat screwdriver turn the dial up to 135-145 (135 is normal, I like mine to be 140). Replace the service covers & turn the power back on. Do not leave the service covers off, you will know why when you see all the wires in there but I will say it anyway, there's a risk of electrocution if anyone accidentally brushes up against the wires or the kids get curious and start poking around them. Gas heater: 1. Turn off the power 2. Look for the thermostat and adjust the temp to your liking. Cut the power back on and read the instruction label on the heater to relight it if required. (some are automatic when the power is on). If that does not solve the problem then the plumber most likely has the hot & cold lines crossed and connected up to the heater wrong. On top of the heater cover & alongside each connection point it will be an imprint in the metal cover showing HOT for the hot line going to your home & COLD for the supply line coming into the heater. Use your hand to feel the hot line pipe (check the pipe about 1-2 feet from the heater) to be sure it feels warm or hot. If it does not then feel the cold line. The hot line pipe should feel warm or hot all the time & the cold line should feel cool or cold all the time, if it does not then the pipes are connected wrong. (both pipes will feel warm or hot close to the heater so always check them at least 1 foot from the top of the heater)

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i installed a new water pump and tank new foot valve new pvc try ed to prime but no pressure ?

Make sure that the suction line going into the pump is secure, one little air bubble once in while will cause it. If the suction line out in the water has an air in it the pump will have a hard time pulling the water. One trick I have learned is to put a T in the suction line with a water hydrant on it, use a hose for a clothes washing machine with a female on each end and hook to a pressurized water hose. Let pressure build in the suction line then turn the pump on and it should help get the air out.

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Engine coolant temp going up to over 245. No water going through top hose DO I need new Water Pump?

i would replace the thermostat first. make sure to bleed the air out. waterpumps are made with a weephole n usually leak there if they are bad. hose if not bulging is fine. belt should be visually inspected and changed if neccesary. fixing these things will prevent very costly repairs ie. head gaskets.

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